Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Young Child That Confessed His Faith In Christ

On November 18th the Orthodox Church commemorates a nameless young child, who some sources say was named Barulas.

One day in Antioch in the early fourth century, at a time when the Christians were being persecuted by the pagans, Saint Romanos saw the pagan governor Asclypiades walking to the temple to offer a sacrifice, and he yelled: "The idols are not gods." For this he was beaten and arrested.

When Saint Romanos stood before the governor, he explained to the governor that even children have the common sense to not worship idols. The governor then asked for a young child to be brought forward, and when asked, "In which God do you believe in?",  he responded: "In the God of the Christians."

For this confession of his faith in Christ, the child was beaten and beheaded. Saint Romanos was strangled in prison.

Through their intercessions, have mercy on us and save us, O Lord.