Monday, May 20, 2019

Welcome to Orthodox Youth Resources!

Dear Readers:

Do you work in some aspect of youth ministry and are looking for resources?

Have you ever searched online for such resources only to come away from such a search empty?

Do you want to expand the online presence of your youth ministry but don't know what to post or how to go about doing so?

If these and other such questions relate to your situation, then welcome to Orthodox Youth Resources, an online ministry dedicated to our Orthodox Christian youth that is part of the Mystagogy Resource Center, an international Orthodox Christian ministry.

I get asked about Orthodox resources aimed towards youth workers and the youth quite often. I've posted a few things here and there online that I am able to share, but knowing there is a desperate need for such resources, I decided to devote an entire webpage to providing them.

I am no stranger to youth ministry. I have some experience in pretty much every form of youth ministry. First of all, I was an Orthodox Christian youth. I have also taught Sunday School at all age levels, taught Greek to beginners, worked with different ages at an Orthodox Christian summer and winter camp, and for a short time was even a Youth Director at a large parish. I will speak of my own personal experiences in more detail on this website.

Don't think that this website is here to provide lesson plans. No. This website is meant to provide resources for your lesson plans. But this website isn't merely aimed towards providing information for lessons either. What will be posted here will inspire and inform, and many things you will want to share. Some things you will want to share with adults who have a passion in working with youth, while other things you will want to share with young people themselves.

It's difficult to describe what will be provided here. There will be a great variety of things. My only recommendation is that you follow this page and wait for its updates.

Keep in mind also that even though this site focuses on the youth, it is a supplement to the other resources of the Mystagogy Resource Center, which also contain many things of interest to youth and youth workers.


With love in Christ,

John Sanidopoulos