Friday, September 18, 2020

A Pastoral Message to Elementary, Middle and High School Students for the 2020-2021 School Year





To the students of the Elementary Schools 

On the occasion of the beginning of the new school year 2020-2021


My dear children, may you have a good new year!

God, who loves us all very much, gives us gifts every day. His gift was the carefree moments of the summer that we enjoyed. His gift is also the opportunities of discovery and creation that you will experience in your school that welcomes you today. It is also His gift to meet up again with loved ones, such as your friends and teachers. It is up to you to unwrap these gifts and enjoy them, illuminating the lives of yourself and those around you.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Who is the Best Kid?

By Elder Ephraim of the Skete of Saint Andrew

We had gone to a school, which had very young children, who were around six years old. We handed out candies and asked them a question:

"Are you all good kids?"

"Yes…!!!" they said all at once.

"And who is the best kid?"

"Me…!!!" they all said, raising their hands.

Monday, July 27, 2020

A Short Film of the Life of Saint Sophrony of Essex By and For Children

A Short Film About the Life of St Sophrony of Essex

Made for the Sunday School of the 
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Manchester

St Sophrony was born in Moscow in 1896. He had a big family with many siblings. He loved painting from a very young age. He started painting before he could say mum and dad. As a boy, he was watching his parents praying.

His nanny was taking him to the church. There, she spent hours praying while he sat next to her. This is how he started praying since he was a child. Prayer was a natural part of his life.

As he was growing up, his love for painting was growing too. He studied fine arts and began a career as an artist. During this period, he started having doubts about God and he tried to find the truth in other eastern religions. The warm prayers of his mother and nanny helped him return to Orthodoxy. He repented deeply for this period of turning away from God in all his life.

Friday, June 26, 2020

A Revolutionary Spirit for our Youth Today

By Monk Moses the Athonite

Young people in Greece today have a number of weaknesses. They don’t like hard work, they’re indifferent towards matters of real importance, they reject concepts out of hand and they’re easily led astray with trivial ideas. On the other hand, however, they retain a great desire for truth, they hanker for authenticity, they’re sensitive in a good way, spontaneous, bright, self-restrained and humane.

They’re wary of the Church, which they associate with the mistakes of its representatives. They’re somewhat wary of patriotism, after the anti-patriotic harangues of certain modern non-patriots. They make fun of politicians, who have displayed more than enough incompetence and iniquity, but they also include politics itself, which is a pity. The sacred past doesn’t inspire them and they’re rather afraid of the future. To a large extent, the attitude of our young people is justified, since they’ve seen the hypocrisy of the “great and good”, who’ve said one thing and done another.